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The problem was that this fatty’s fighting skills were formidable and he was wretched as well, unlike Mars, who was very firm. Fatty had also never felt that he needed some expert demeanour, simply leaving him invulnerable.


Menlo thought that this was the greatest joke in the entire world. Did this bunch of useless trash from Saruman Snake really think they could do it?


In the Asura battle team, Olivios had also prepared himself. This was the last time he and Mars would battle together. Olivios knew what his own problem was: he needed to be more strong. He had already found out which world Wang Zheng was in currently, and he was very clear on what his Ability X was. He did not expect that Wang Zheng’s physical technique to be nearly perfect. He was a mountain that had to be turned over, as the Heavenly Overlord Attack was about exceeding the strong to be even stronger.


Margate Interstellar Airline’s attacks were getting more and more urgent. In the large scale of things, it was getting more and more disadvantageous for themselves. There was news to prove that Margate Interstellar Airline was approaching their existing contract partners, and things looked dire.


The battle became heated as soon as it started. Everyone had thought that this was a battle swayed towards one side and the unknown Zhou Yun would be hung up and beaten by Olivios, but in actuality, within five minutes of the battle, Zhou Yun was going up hard against Olivios, not falling behind at all.


The two vanguard contestants took the stage. A round of rowdy discussions spread through the entire arena. Ander Lucia had naturally chosen the Rune Warrior; that amazing runic mech.

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Mankind was clever enough to advance towards mechanical civilization because they understood the limits of the physical body. Unfortunately, the primitives did not understand this. Armour honestly, he was high.


Zhou Yun could feel his heartbeat intensifying. The new era was about to come. He was lucky to be able to witness this era. He had previously seen his own grandfathers’ generation, training hard day and night, only for it to become something to maintain their health. Strength, the real strength, was recovering!


However, the two people in the middle of the field seemed to have completely ignored the situation. Marshalls expression changed. These two b**tards! B**tards, what were they thinking?!


Mars’ body gave an oof. Wang Zheng’s capitalizing move had been completely ineffectual, and Mars’ both hands had already taken hold of Wang Zheng’s neck – Cross Lock!


Zhang Shan and the rest entered the canteen laughing and chatting. But the moment they entered, the entire hall quietened down.


However, many of this year’s SIG captains were the key objects of grooming, either by their countries or by their families. Unlike the ordinary warriors, they were destined to embark on the ruling class in the future. Ai Zhengyang was one of them. From the former “prodigy son” of the Aishi Financial Group, to the current object of grooming, Ai Zhengyang had also taken an outstanding route. Cold and handsome with chiseled features, he was ranked top three in the best-looking list at SIG. Of course, he had more supporters too. The ladies of Aslan placed very high standards on appearances. Based on reputation, the Hail Cloud Alliance was stronger than the Big Bear Federation as well.


The two mecha were confronted each other. This was a good opportunity for Bartley. Bartley’s momentum was rising constantly, and his aura instantaneously pressed down on Lear. This control of the momentum was a clear sign of an Earth-rank warrior, probably Earth One Status.



“If HU is willing to participate, that’s best. Different professions are different worlds. Even a group like our Aishi Financial Group is not disposed to stick our nose into this type of business. HU is comfortably in the top five shipping groups in the Milky Way Alliance. They’re qualified. The question is their appetite,” Aishi Financial Group said. A slight grin. “Or you could sacrifice yourself and set the wench swooning. She will handle her house. High chance of success.”



Everyone present were masters. It was evident that Jondi Lilick’s confidence lacked blindness, even arrogance. It was very likely that the attack would bring irrecoverable fatal injuries to the opponent.


Dont change the topic. If all of you want to make a bet, then make it fast. Lets add a little more excitement. Ouyang Ruoliu was also adding fuel to fire.


The Storm Swordsman had an energy trajectory. Growl… Lightning curved, teleportation!

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