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Zhang Zhun looked at the hand and tag on the floor without any surprise. He respectfully took his own tag out and laid it on the floor.


“Oh, I’ve been too busy all this while. Gabre and I will go too. We could also see the heroic bearing of the boss!” said Jasper. Gabre nodded quickly. The two of them had already admired Wang Zheng from head to toe. Although Yan Xiaosu had not revealed anything, Jasper and Gabre could guess that Wang Zheng had likely shown his true strength. Sure enough, one strike was enough to annihilate his competitors.


Wang Zheng now knew why Kashawen was so calm and collected. Manalasuo, Arbiter, and himself had been mere fishes, with Aina as the bait. What kind of person was Kashawen?


Bartley could not help but laugh out loud. It was not a deliberate ridicule, it was just that the sense of triumph was indisputable. So long as the start was thwarted for the successive attacks with this sort of speed type, it would be impossible to connect the subsequent attacks.


The people of Aslan knew about it, but there was one thing they didnt know, and that was that the Sage Arts were not imparted to outsiders, not even to the Lie family. Most importantly, it would be foolish to try to master two martial techniques. It had been a few hundred years, and no one had practiced both the Lie Flame Technique and the Sage Arts together, be it in the past or now.


Everyone was stunned. They obviously understood the importance of his words. Achilles was not one who would make a promise easily. If he did, he would definitely keep his promise.

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Lin Feng carried Qiankun Zadeh and threw down a tag before leaving with Di Maria. Before he left he turned to look at Lear, who continued to smile, but did not move.


Captain, these guys are indeed real men. They truly deserve their title of the Strongest King!


Actually within the teams, all those capable of entering the main competition had already received the news. After the preliminaries ended a total of 128 teams would be chosen, but the main competition only needed 64. Half would be eliminated in the qualifiers.


The energy shield shook. He was hit. He did not manage to dodge after all. Zhang Shan continue to dodge using his power. Teleportation couldnt be used mindlessly. Every usage was to save his life. However, the crucial matter was that he was here to win, not to lose!


In a completely different state from Zhang Shan, the Dynasty battle team was extremely savage. One thing was that they were not the main targets. Another was that the team had Mayans, as well as three experts in ancient arts. The handicap of no Ability X was a blessing, and each had collected tags.


The mech that Zhou Yun had chosen was Republic of Clark’s “Real Steel”, a rare mech with fists as weapons. Of course, the fists were specially made and were paired with titanium knives and laser guns, but the fists were borderline useless. This mech model was the sudden inspiration of a designer in the Republic of Clark. He wanted to bring into play the nimbleness of humans, and at the same time prepare for warriors who specialised in boxing. But the effects in combat were not that good. In comparison, knives and swords were more aggressive. The special forces did use them; however, they were not widely used. Mostly those who used them were either very confident in their boxing techniques or paranoid.


That punk Zhang Shan was really a honeypot, attracting a whole bunch of flies in crazy pursuit. And Fatty was the ultimate winner.



Actually, they had to thank the Lan family and Mu Sen. The Tita people’s methods of war did not develop suddenly, but was gradual progress over decades. Mu Sen had used his own influence to shape the Tita people, and research the best tactics of humankind. He had combined the Tita people’s formidable will to survive with their affinity for nature, and created the mighty fighting skills that the Tita people had today.



It looks like the Atlanteans have no intention of giving Saruman Snake any chance. Si Jiali was also feeling a little dejected. This was the broken dream of mankind. The Atlanteans were very callous.


“Aragorn, 23, Warrior Soul College. Son of the second biggest family on Arbiter, and also one of the faces of the younger generation of Arbiter. Their family’s political inclinations are rather compatible with our future plans.”


Wang Zheng and the rest received the best treatment. All the three of them had sustained serious injuries, with Zhang Shans injuries being the most serious. It was almost near death for him. Had it not been for the timely first aid rendered by Montero the Arbiter, Zhang Shan would have taken his last breath. But with his current situation, Zhang Shans time in this SIG was over.

  • Just then, everyone’s bracelets shimmered red, as though something had pierced their arms.
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