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It was all nonsense. He had seen too many of such trash that did not know their own strength. But it was exactly because such trash existed that could he become who he was.


Facing off against such an expert was of immense help to his growth. That punch had given Zhang Zhun inspiration. It was just a pity that his senses were too poor to make use of that feeling.


Attacks that would drain his Ability X would only narrow his chances of escape, and right now, the Overlord had already thrown its spear away. Was this contempt?


Luo Fei could suppress her at the moment. However, the more power he exerted, the more lethal the Fire Poison would become. Besides, he was even afraid to use his devouring power now, so how could he fight?


Three seconds later, the entire arena rang with earth-shattering cheers. This was no longer about nationality, this was a tribute to two great warriors!


The Runic Matrix technique is really good actually. It could be used as a transition under the current cosmic energy. Its a good route to heaven, Charcoal explained.

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Wang Zheng was not as much of a philanderer as Jondi Lilick. His thoughts were very simple. With regards to his love for Aina, he would eliminate whoever was in his way!


Sea Queen was featured first. The members of the Sea Queen battle team were mysterious. They were not from the human system, so whatever information they had collected were from this SIG. Of course, it included some interviews.


Just as it seemed that the Knight of Holy Light would be turned into nothing, Lin Feng activated teleportation. Thereafter, the Knight of Holy Light shone brightly and broke loose from the dead corner, opening up a distance.


There were also many murmurs about this new series of mech among the generals. Sword Shield Rose had already used them. However, the opponents were weak and were thus unable to tell the difference. The differentiating factor between a superior or inferior mech was the tolerance level in high-intensity confrontations. Obviously, Aragon was capable of this.


“Once the number hits 0, a person will die. There’s no way to save him. General Jiang Feng, I must remind you of this point.”


“All the cyborg Zergs’ fighting modes have been set to B-grade,” Colonel Catelo said. These Zergs were designated with two fighting modes. One was B-grade, which was normal attack patterns, and was natural for Zergs. The other was A-grade, a berserk mode, which was a mechanically driven slaying.


In order to fight against Wang Zheng, there must be a determination to stare death in the eye and be resurrected. González was a man of the world. He had to take a risk. He would have to use his experience that he had over Wang Zheng to finish him off.



A golden ray cut through the air and struck through the Phantom King. Following the momentum, the Phantom King split into two. Two Phantom Kings charged towards Jondi Lilick simultaneously. The God of Warfare showed no sign of fear. The golden sword drew a circle and exploded instantly. The avatar was swept away by the strong wind blade and exploded. The God of Warfare’s big sword hacked straight into the physical body.



But the response from the Aeolus was equally breath-taking: ultimate movement. Ji Ga’s Ability X was mid-level B stealth. His ancient martial art was the Dragon Fist. Due to the Aeolus’ maneuverability and operability, he was not afraid of the Mayan’s lightning fast attack.


Since he could not decide the outcome with physical technique, he would have to use his expertise in Ability X to crush his opponent. Right now, Ouyang Chuanyun had given up his earlier plan of pretentiousness and defeating Achilles by using physical techniques.


The violent thunderbolt god-like attacks from Aragorn had also suddenly stopped. His face was pale as well.

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